The nollning at the E-Guild

The reset at the E section is to welcome all new students to Lund, LTH and the E section. As a Nolla, you can be very lost, you can, for example, lose yourself in the premises of the E-house, forget time, or maybe even take a dip in Sjön Sjøn. That is precisely why there are Phøs, Phaddrar and a whole guild with a heart of gold that is here to guide you through your first time as a student.

What is the nollning?

The reset is a mix of play, frolic, party and studying, which means there is something for everyone. What is certain is that it will give you precious memories for a lifetime. On the first day at LTH, you are divided into a mentor group and will be directly introduced to both newly admitted and old students. The phadders who have experience of life at LTH will help and support you and will be able to answer all kinds of questions. The phadder group will be a safe point throughout the nollning, but over time you will of course socialize with others at the reset as well!

Differences from other universities

If you have heard horror stories about various arrival activities for new students (nollning), it is important to know that the nollning at LTH is for you and for you to feel safe and welcome. The nollning is completely voluntary and the large mix of activities means that you can participate in what suits your interests. The most important thing is that EVERYONE who participates should feel that they become part of a guild's community, feel safe at LTH and make friends for life.

Check out the nollning website!